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about us

Our vision

“Bringing people together to create awareness for sustainable aviation worldwide.”

We include our vision in our current and future projects, as we all have one goal: a more sustainable development in aviation. Now.

Our Mission

Drive sustainable change by: 

Activating and educating interested and dedicated minds across all branches,

Connecting research institutions, university afford and enterprises creating global solutions,

Certifying sustainability throughout the entire sector.


Open to new technologies 


Long-term perspective


Only with a diversified team can we tackle the diverse issues of aviation. You can join us no matter what you study, where you live and what your interests are.

We want to promote sustainability in aviation while being equally open to all technical possibilities. This is the only way we can find the best solutions for environmentally friendly flying.

There must be progress in technological development, mindset of society as well as political framework. To promote this we provide a platform.

Changes should not only take place in the short term.We do not want to react, but to shape the future. We promote sustainability in aviation in the long term. 

We bear the responsibility of future generations. There will be no world without flying infrastructure in the future. That is why we must find ways to balance flying and sustainability. 

Our projects


On our podcast what’s up aviation, our hosts discuss all topics of sustainable aviation and invite guests from the aviation, political, and many more sectors. You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.



Once a month we host a webinar with an external speaker who talks about his work, research, or answers burning questions from our hosts. Topics have been Sustainable Airport Infrastructure, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Sustainable Automation in Cockpits and many more. Announcements about future webinars can be found in the news section!


Aviate, Navigate, Communicate – the three golden rules of aviation, have always given me guidance not only in my aviation profession, but in life. This also applies to my work and motivation with the SAI.

– Toralp

I’m at SAI with the purpose of helping the association to promote studies and research related to sustainable aviation. For me, aviation is one of the most interesting areas of study and I believe it is increasingly important that people become aware and act so that impacts on the environment are minimized.
– Luciana

What attracted me to SAI was my experience working for an aviation authority and, in addition, current studies technology and innovation management – particularly from the management and transformation perspectives.

– Momodou